Purple Haze

Have you ever tried to find a good purple brocade? Not a sari fabric, not costume fabric…real, honest to goodness, brocade. Especially a black and purple brocade. With a pattern that has wide rows of design. Oh yeah, did I mention it couldn’t be more than $10/yard? Sounds almost impossible.

That’s what I thought, too. I started at the local fabric chains, Jo-Anns and Hancocks fabric. I searched my stash. Nothing.

So I went back to where I should have started….The PA Fabric Outlet in Lemoyne. The place I found my black silk. With my 50% off coupon firmly in hand, I started my quest through the racks, stacks and bins. And in the back of the store, there it was! A purple and black brocade that was and is STUNNING! It is actually liturgical brocade that is used to make church vestments, stoles, etc. They had probably 20 rolls of various color combinations. Red/Gold, dark purple/gray/silver, lavender/white, red/black, white/gold, unbelievably gorgeous colors and designs!


AND! It was $7.99 a yard BEFORE my 50% off coupon. $3.99 a YARD! I got 2 yards of that and 2 yards of a red and green reversible print for a vest for my husband and 2 yards of a lavender and white, not sure what for. 🙂 It has already found a home in my stash. Last I saw of it, it had burrowed into the stacks of fancy fabrics,built a nest, made itself comfortable and I’ll probably never see it again. I have many fabrics living happy lives on those shelves that know I will never sew with them because there simply is not enough time in the world to use all my fabrics. Especially, since I KNOW I will add to my stash as soon as payday rolls around.

Now, to work up the nerve to cut my fabric. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Purple Haze

    • I wish I had more of it! I only bought 2yards and I am not sure it’s going to enough. I went back to get more but it was all sold out. :(. Sorry!

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