Stuff About Me

Walk To The Edge.
Look Over.

Dance With Wolves.
Howl With Them, too.

Tempt Yourself to Imagine.
Think freely.

In Other Words…
Run With Scissors.

This is my new philosophy of life. Or at least I’m trying to make it so. (Ok…so I’m afraid of heights and would never look over the edge if it’s more than 2 feet off the ground.) For 50+ years I’ve hidden behind myself and everyone around me. Lately, I’ve decided to take some big steps.

I joined the 7th PA Reserves re-enacting group and along with a friend we’re going to attempt to get more women to join so we’re not the only 2. đŸ™‚

I’ve also joined the Victorian Dance Ensemble. A wonderful group dedicated to teaching and demonstrating Civil War era dancing.

This means lots and lots of new period clothes! Woo hoo! Who doesn’t love playing dress up!

I’m married happily to my best friend, Bob, who is being a great sport about re-enacting. We have 2 amazing kids, Tom and Ken. We live in the house my grandparents bought in 1938 and my mother grew up in. My kids are the 4th generation to live in this house. Family and history, especially family history, are very important to me.

WEll, back to sewing!
Thread up our needles!
Lash on our thimbles!
and into the fray we go!
*galloping off into the distance*

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